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Moving to Charlotte? Relocating?

Moving by Choice, moving for your job, all your Charlotte Relocation Information is here.

While Terry is certified by the largest relocation companies in the world, the majority of his clients are “relocations by choice.” These are people with “portable” jobs, or professions like medicine and nursing that can easily find work here. They and their families moved to Charlotte by choice, moving in search of new opportunities and a better lifestyle.

A good place to start your journey is this 4 minute tour of Charlotte, the Queen City. Terry narrates the tour, and shares his relocation story along the way in the video on the right. This was the #1 Charlotte video on You Tube for five years with over 65,000 page views.

From a happy client in Providence Plantation:

Terry did an outstanding job of listening to what we said and to what we did not say to identify neighborhoods
and specific homes for our family to consider. We did much of this work from out of town as we were
moving from Toronto to Charlotte. He was always timely, accurate and added tremendous value to the process.

Above all he was patient.

Moving is always stressful- I see our job as being your representative here in Charlotte, helping with details small and large to make your transition as smooth as possible. It usually starts with a preliminary trip, surveying the city, neighborhoods, and different areas to find ones that look like they might fit your needs. Plan on coming down for a few days-a 3 day weekend works splendidly. We’ll show you the area and some homes, and leave plenty of time for you to explore on your own. We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte.

I’d also encourage you to take a look at your FREE relocation guide, chock full of useful information on communities, taxes, schools, things to do & much, much more.

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About Charlotte- It is much much more than a banking town…

About Charlotte Schools- Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Union County, Private Schools, Local Colleges and more

So it looks like you are moving to Charlotte, next question, a big question is “Where would you want to live?” of course I can’t answer that for your family, but I hope I can provide you some of the tools to get started.

The good news? There are good affordable choices through out the area, and whatever is important to you– Charlotte has it! Here is a video that helps explain:

If you’ve never been to Charlotte, start here, this 4 minute Charlotte tour was the top video on You Tube for 5years! Now with over 65,000 views.