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Uptown Charlotte Condos for Under $250,000

Uptown Charlotte Condominiums Under 250K, A Market Report
So how much condo, or townhouse does $250,000 buy in Uptown Charlotte?
Where should you live? Anyone working or renting in Uptown, knows the entire city is within walking distance… From the Blumenthal to Bank of America -Panther’s Stadium, one side of town to the other, is about a 20 minute walk. From lower First Ward to Johnston and Wales? About 25 minutes.

What about the blue chip condos, The Avenue, Fifth and Poplar, can you get into any of these for $250,000? In a word Yes-

There are currently 125 Uptown Charlotte Condos for sale under $250,000 ($250K)
There are 73 one bedroom condos, 49 two bedroom condos, and (3) 3 bedroom condos for sale in Uptown for under $250,000.

What makes a “blue chip” condominium? They are consistent sellers, even in a down market. Location PLUS Amenities, make these the crowd favorites.

The Avenue has 7 Condos for Sale for under 250,000, the low is $204,900, the high $249,900. The Avenue reported 11 sales under $250K in the past 6 months, from $218 to $320/sf- a 1 br with a killer view on the 25th floor.

Fifth and Poplar has17 condos for sale for under $250,000, including 5 2-bedroom units. Fifth and Poplar had 8 sales under $250K in the last 6 months, from $183/sf to $283 per sf.

Other Uptown Condo’s Sold under $250,000 in the last 6 months
Trademark had 4 sales, Springfield Square had 4 sales, 2 each from Court 6, Courtside, Skybox, Tivoli, Cedar Street Commons- and many singles for a total of 72 sales for under $250,000 in the 4 Wards of Uptown Charlotte since June 1.