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The McDonald Group is a small team of dedicated real estate brokers using the Internet & 21st century technology to bring buyers and sellers together in an ethical manner.

A Team on the Rise in 2014!

Market Experts

We are full time agents dedicated to improving our skills, knowledge and the art of real estate. Through the use of modern technology, we are able to stay on top of the numbers, the fashionable areas, the up and coming hot spots. Take a walk through our blog and you will see we have reported on the many markets that make up the “Charlotte Market” here for years. Real estate is all local- we learn it, know it and use it to our Client’s advantage.

Trustworthy Partners

It is the nature of our relationship to our Clients. Your interests are first, always first- we do not do personal Dual agency.

fi·du·cia·ry- from Webster’s: the relation existing when good conscience requires one to act at all times for the sole benefit and interests of another with loyalty to those interests We are so dedicated! We have your back!

See our results below, you will want us on your team!

Master Marketers

Our combined online presence is overwhelming the local market. ERA + Wilkinson + McDonald Group sites dominate search results online, mobil platforms, and social media. We are huge players on You Tube, and more and more on Facebook and Linked In. And unlike many of our competitors, we have measurable results.

Results Matter

Our Key numbers from 2013 are in. We beat the market averages on the Buy side and the Sell side.

  • Terry is 8th (out of over 700 Agents) in Production, our Team is 4th.
  • Our Selling Clients sold their homes 48% faster with the McDonald Group than the market average, while maintain a 97% List to Sale ratio
  • Our Buying Clients bought their homes at a 95.5% of List- a whopping 44% savings over the market average of 97% of list price. On a $500,000 home this represents a $7500 savings, $15,000 per million. Of course these are averages, sometimes we did way better!

Real Estate Brokers in North & South Carolina

We could immediately appreciate his outstanding professionalism, and we knew we could rely on him for expert opinions, not just on the market but also for specific house-related questions (i.e. quality and foreseeable future costs). He allowed us to make our own decisions while eventually guiding us to our dream home.” Jon and Brenda DuncanWeddington

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